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Advance HE is steeped in expertise to support governing bodies across the UK to aid with board effectiveness, governor development, strategic sessions and wider support for the governance community. Our support is realised through national programmes, topic led events, action research and tailored services for individual institutions.

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Governance News

  1. Going concern

    The Financial Reporting Council has issued a revised exposure draft focusing on the role of an auditor in considering the position of an entity and its environment when assessing whether an organisation is a going concern.

  2. Corporate Governance Unlocked: An introduction for the curious mind

    A newly published guide on corporate governance raises issues of interest to those in higher education. The publication highlights that too often corporate governance is misunderstood and confused with compliance, and that there is an argument for replacing ‘comply or explain’, with ‘apply or explain’ in codes of governance.

  3. Association of Governing Boards (US) Publishes Introductory Guide

    The Association of Governing Boards, representing governing bodies in the United States, has published an introductory guide for members of college, university, and system boards. The guide is likely to be of interest to members of governing bodies and professional staff who support Governors in the UK.

  4. UCAS End of Cycle Report 2018

    The Universities and Colleges Application Services (UCAS) has published the final chapters of its End of Cycle report for 2018. The information released includes provider data allowing detailed analysis of acceptances by provider, and the benchmarking of institutional performance.

  5. Education related exports and transnational activity

    The Department for Education has issued a Statistical First Release on the UK’s education related exports and transnational education activity. They show for the 2016 calendar year the value of education related exports and transnational activity was almost £20 billion. The total value of the activities had grown by 20% since 2010.

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Our members are key to our strategy and form a community of higher education institutions with a clear commitment to and experience of developing leadership, governance and management capabilities at all levels. Academic and professional services staff from member institutions contribute to our programmes, projects and research and advise on benefits and services.


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