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The Leadership Foundation is a membership organisation and the work we publish is to support the development of leadership, governance and management themes and issues for our members.

All new publications are available in electronic form to download free to our members from our website.

Where we do publish hard copy editions these are available free to our members, either at a launch event, or through a targeted distribution. Earlier work from our online archive is currently available to all.

We do sell hardcopy versions of our publications – full details, including an order form is available here.


Permission is granted to reproduce for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending are prohibited.

Members are welcome to download, save, perform or distribute this work electronically or in any other format, including in foreign language translation for non-commercial use without written permission subject to the conditions set out below.

Please ensure that:

  • The Leadership Foundation and the author(s) are credited
  • The Leadership Foundation website address ( is published in a prominent position
  • The text is not altered and is used in full (the use of extracts under existing fair usage rights is not affected by this condition)
  • The work is not resold or used for commercial purposes
  • A copy of the work or link to its use online is sent to the address below for our archive.

You are welcome to ask for permission to use this work for purposes other than those covered above.

By downloading our publications, you are confirming that you have read and accepted the terms of access.

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Last updated: 5 July 2016

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We are a membership organisation of and for a sector that has some of the brightest minds in the UK.


Our members are key to our strategy and form a community of higher education institutions with a clear commitment to and experience of developing leadership, governance and management capabilities at all levels. Academic and professional services staff from member institutions contribute to our programmes, projects and research and advise on benefits and services.


Find out more about Membership


  • Membership benefits

    • 25% discount on our open and in-house programmes and consultancy
    • a free consultancy day
    • exclusive access to research publications, development resources and funding opportunities
    • free regional events
    • funding for Staff Development Forum and MASHEIN activity
    • members’ mailing lists, newsletters and magazine
    • participation in our development networks


  • How to join

    • Membership is open to all higher education providers and related sector organisations on an annual or three-yearly subscription basis.
    • We have 154 members with around a third taking advantage of the 10% discount offered by three-year subscriptions.


  • Membership benefits

    • Research and innovation: Access to our latest, highly-valued research, Leadership Insights, Getting to Grips series and practical development project resources.
    • More…

    • Management Development Resources: Flexible workshop materials on key leadership and management development topics, for you to deliver in-house to suit your own contexts NEW: ‘Caught in the Middle’. 
    • More…

    • The Knowledge Bank: Save time with these extensive multi-media training resources for HR, staff development and OD professionals, covering key leadership and management theory and practice.
    • More…

  • Get in touch

    Meet the membership team, your national and regional contacts in the UK and Ireland, and LF networks.

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